Saturday, February 04, 2006

Super Bowl Prediction 2006

Well, as most non-reclusive Americans know, the Super Bowl is tomorrow in Detroit between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks.

I like both of the teams, I really do. It should be a very good game. I would be happy with either team winning.

Who do I root for? Well, I am going to go with the Seahawks. I like the Steelers overall, but Rothlisberger comes across as a little to cocky to me. I think it is because he reminds me of Tom Brady, who is probably my least favorite player in the NFL.

Also, the Steelers beat my pick to win the Superbowl this year, the Indianapolis Colts. In addiction, the Seahawks beat the team (Carolina) that beat my favorite team (Chicago) in the post-season, which is one reason I like them. Stupid Panthers.

On top of that, this is Seattle's first trip to the Super Bowl.

So, I'm rooting for Seattle, but who do I predict to win? I believe it is too close to call. Both teams have great defenses, good running games, and solid passing. Most likely it will come down to who is better coached. Either way, it is going to be a great game tomorrow. I wish both teams the best of luck.


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